Gratulation und Dank an die Projektmanager!

Projektleiter: Univ.Prof. Erich Lehner, Univ.Prof. Hermann Mückler
Projektmanager: Dr. Ulrike Herbig, Dr. Gabriele Weichart
Research Institutions: Vienna University of Technology, Institute for History of Architecture and Building Archaeology, University of Vienna, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Partner Institutions: Centre for Asian Studies, IHEID, Geneva,
Gadjah Mada University, University of North Sumatra, Museum Pusaka Nias.

ASSIP (Architecture, Space, and Society in Post-Disaster Built Environments in Indonesia) is an interdisciplinary research project that deals with the relations between architecture and society in the context of reconstruction programs after natural disasters. It focuses particularly on changes and interdependencies between the built environment – individual houses and settlements – and local socio-cultural factors. We also examine the influence of these socio-cultural factors on community participation in reconstruction programs and, ultimately, on the social acceptance and sustainability of these programs. The aim is to develop, on the basis of the research results, a database and software tools that will provide easy access to relevant background information about socio-cultural and architectural particularities in regions affected by a natural disaster. This will accelerate the transfer of knowledge and information especially useful in the rebuilding of homes and settlements, between people who need help, the helpers and researchers working in that area.
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